A brief description of the Posidacious system

Streamlining Tenant Communications Summary Posidacious is an online (or ‘Cloud’) system designed to help letting agents and portfolio landlords and property owners. It’s a subscription-based product providing a low up front cost way of optimizing the business workflow. It’s a unique product in that it leverages both tenant and contractor communications making the job of […]

New Log types

More than just maintenance management Streamlining Tenant Communications We’ve added more Log types to the system. This means you can separate out different reasons to communicate with your tenants.  No longer is Posidacious simply about maintenance management. Now you can create Logs with the following Log types: Information Deposit Inspection Safety Inventory Tenancy Viewing Information […]

Block maintenance management (or multi Logs)

We call this multi Logs. Multi Logs are a way of creating Logs with the same starting point (subject, details, assigned users) for more than one property (or unit). What? Let’s say you have a block of flats that naturally have shared communal areas such as hallways, front doors, car parks and so on. With […]