Tenant photo upload size allowed changed

From 2Mb to 5Mb Since many users of the Posidacious system are using their smartphones and these devices often take photos of around 3-4+Mb in size, we thought it best to up the size limit. The limit is now 5Mb and we will consider raising it further if becessary. We will amend this for cobtractor […]

Upload PDF files to a Log (staff only)

Uploading PDF files to a Log As a staff member you can now upload PDF files to each Log. This is useful if you are using Posidacious to communicate with your tenants regarding safety certificates. The majority of safety certificates are generated in Adobe PDF format so adding a PDF file to a Log could […]

Upload Photos – Now Contractors Can Too

Letting Agent? Now things got easier! So you probably know that as ‘staff’ you can upload photos to a specific Log. Yeah that’s great, but what about tenants and your contractors? Tenants & Contractors can now upload photos Yesterday we added the ability for your tenants to upload photos to a Log. Today, your contractors […]

Upload photos

Upload photos (both tenants and staff)¬†update This functionality has been requested a number of times. The ability for tenants to add a photo to a Log has been a priority of ours for a while. Finally, it is done! Note: Staff can also upload photos in the same way. What can it be used for? […]