Show Logs not updated by Staff

Additional Log page to show Logs not updated by a member of your team We had a request (thank you Plymouth Homes!) to provide a page where the letting agent and their team members could show all Logs last updated by a tenant or contractor (third party). Until today, you could view Logs updated by everyone […]

New functionality for Contractors – Search Logs

We’ve had requests by contractors to enable a search Log function. This has now been added as an option for contractors as a link on the right-hand side “Search Open Logs”. Note: Staff of an agency already have this functionality. Clicking the link will show the contractor all their open Logs similar to the following […]

New Posidacious Website

New front pages to our website We at Posidacious have been working hard recently to present a new front end website. It’s now live at Our business is growing in several areas and if we’re honest, the ‘old’ front end site didn’t really present what we do very well. The main areas of our business […]

Are you a PHP and/or iOSApp Developer?

PHP and/or iOS App Development We are looking to expand our technical team to develop the Posidacious System. A good level of skill and knowledge will be required to move this project on. We anticipate the project being a 3-6 month one. We could be wrong! Two areas of development may be required: a) PHP Development […]

Show/Hide Additional Information in Log details

Recently we added fields in the Edit Property pages to allow you, the agent, to include additional information about the property. Information that might be useful when viewing a Log for any given property. We posted about it here. This information might include the landlords preferred contractors or the key number for the keys amongst […]

Additional details for each property

We had a great suggestion from one of our clients regarding additional information that would be useful in the set up of each property. The information requested was: Whether the property was Full or Part managed Landlords preferred contractors Fire Alarm codes Key numbers Service agreements We’ve now added the appropriate fields in the database […]

Posidacious Apple iPhone (etc) icons

Add a decent looking icon to your iPhone home screen I really don’t know why I haven’t done this before! It only took 30 minutes! So, for all you iPhone users, you can add an icon to your home screen to gain easy access to the maintenance portal. Here’s a couple of screenshots to explain! […]

Tenant photo upload size allowed changed

From 2Mb to 5Mb Since many users of the Posidacious system are using their smartphones and these devices often take photos of around 3-4+Mb in size, we thought it best to up the size limit. The limit is now 5Mb and we will consider raising it further if becessary. We will amend this for cobtractor […]

Upload PDF files to a Log (staff only)

Uploading PDF files to a Log As a staff member you can now upload PDF files to each Log. This is useful if you are using Posidacious to communicate with your tenants regarding safety certificates. The majority of safety certificates are generated in Adobe PDF format so adding a PDF file to a Log could […]