Upload Photos – Now Contractors Can Too

Letting Agent? Now things got easier! So you probably know that as ‘staff’ you can upload photos to a specific Log. Yeah that’s great, but what about tenants and your contractors? Tenants & Contractors can now upload photos Yesterday we added the ability for your tenants to upload photos to a Log. Today, your contractors […]

Upload photos

Upload photos (both tenants and staff) update This functionality has been requested a number of times. The ability for tenants to add a photo to a Log has been a priority of ours for a while. Finally, it is done! Note: Staff can also upload photos in the same way. What can it be used for? […]

Shortcut to Add Property and Add User

Simple amendment but useful I was adding properties to my system today and got annoyed that there wasn’t a quick way to get to the Add Property page. I had to go to Manage Properties then click Add Property. So, I’ve added a small link next to Manage Properties and Manager Users on the main […]

Posidacious Reminders

What are Reminders? Reminders are there to help you keep on top of Logs that you can’t do anything about right now but you would want to do something about at some point in the future. For instance Here are a couple of examples. You might have your own! You have a problem with a […]

New Log types

More than just maintenance management Streamlining Tenant Communications We’ve added more Log types to the system. This means you can separate out different reasons to communicate with your tenants.  No longer is Posidacious simply about maintenance management. Now you can create Logs with the following Log types: Information Deposit Inspection Safety Inventory Tenancy Viewing Information […]

Block maintenance management (or multi Logs)

We call this multi Logs. Multi Logs are a way of creating Logs with the same starting point (subject, details, assigned users) for more than one property (or unit). What? Let’s say you have a block of flats that naturally have shared communal areas such as hallways, front doors, car parks and so on. With […]