Upload Photos – Now Contractors Can Too

Letting Agent? Now things got easier!

So you probably know that as ‘staff’ you can upload photos to a specific Log. Yeah that’s great, but what about tenants and your contractors?

Tenants & Contractors can now upload photos

Yesterday we added the ability for your tenants to upload photos to a Log. Today, your contractors can too!

This is really helpful since you can get accurate information from a picture rather than a written attempt to get across what is wrong.

Encourage your tenants and contractors to use this feature. Honestly, it will save you a lot of time and stress through:

  1. Sending the wrong person to do a job
  2. It might save you a visit to the property to ascertain exactly what is wrong or later on to check the job was done
  3. You have more (accurate) information to analyse a given issue
  4. Photos provide an instant ‘snapshot’ of the status of an issue

More on why photos can provide a snapshot of a given issue

Pre-fix of the issue the photo can show you exactly how bad a problem is and also specify what the issue is. For instance, perhaps a tenant reports a ‘serious’ damp problem. You ask them to send a photo and they provide the following:

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 09.48.05

Based on the above picture added to the Log, you can now make a decision without having to visit the property or send a tradesperson to look. All this costs time and money. The tenant really wants the problem sorted which is fair enough but having a photo like this means you can address the issue quickly and appropriately before the situation escalates.

Additionally, and this is quite important, the photo is always there in the Log! No more searching through your emails or smartphone for the photo. It’s there in the Log!

And because Log updates are recorded chronologically, you have at your disposal information to enable you to provide a better service to your tenants.

A really important reason for contractors to upload photos would be to show you that the work has been done. Perhaps you send someone out to deal with the condensation appearing. They can upload a photo of the area after the work is done, like this:

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 09.51.50

No more ‘wondering’ if the job has really been done or not or whether it has been done well enough. The evidence is in the photo the contractor uploads.

When you close that Log, you can be confident that the job is done and that if the tenant makes a complaint, you have the evidence at your finger tips to show that the job was sorted.

Why not get in touch to find out more?

Posidacious Programming – There are worse places to work

2015-06-06 08.36.51Good Coffee Shop, Good Coffee

One blessing of doing the kind of work I do is that I can occasionally (cough) take my work out to a good coffee shop. In this case Barista Brothers, Plymouth.

Just so you all know, we are working on developing Posidacious and have been constantly since we started. We love to hear about enhancement requests from our customers and that’s what I’m doing today over coffee.

Watch the Posidacious Facebook and/or Twitter pages for updates!

Upload photos

Upload photos (both tenants and staff) update

This functionality has been requested a number of times. The ability for tenants to add a photo to a Log has been a priority of ours for a while.

Finally, it is done!

Note: Staff can also upload photos in the same way.

What can it be used for?

Many maintenance issues are easier to understand and better explained with a photo! For instance, an area of damp, a photo of a boiler leak (showing the boiler make and model) or perhaps storm damaged roof tiles.

All these and many other maintenance issues can be explained with a photo.

Just ask your tenant to take a photo with their smartphone or camera, sign in to Posidacious, click into the Log in question and upload a photo from there (see below screenshot).

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 12.15.25

For security reasons, we have limited tenants to only upload photo file types of JPG and JPEG. This should be more than adequate in most cases.

In addition, if you assign a contractor to a job, providing a photo gives your contractor more information up front allowing them to prepare more, saving them time and hassle.

Tenants’ number one gripe


I came across this article on the Choices Today website which aptly points out (albeit obliquely) how useful a tool Posidacious can be for letting agents.

You can read it yourself by following the link below. In a nutshell, it describes the number one peeve of tenants in rented accommodation:

“Things not getting fixed quickly enough”

Endsleigh Insurance carried out a large survey which found that “things not getting fixed quickly enough” closely followed by “not being easily contactable or responsive” were the top two gripes tenants had with letting agents.

Posidacious addresses both these issues. How?

By allowing the agent to better manage maintenance issues and at the same time keeping the tenant informed at all stages of the process. All done automatically via the Posidacious system.

Firstly, Posidacious allows tenants to report maintenance via the system by way of something we call a Log, the agent then updates the Log with actions they are taking. The tenant can see these updates including actions such as ‘Assigning a contractor’.

Posidacious is a back end system designed to help the agent react quickly, keeping the tenant informed at all stages and helping the agent conform to strict legislation along the way.

Choices Today article – ‘Landlords not fixing things quickly enough’ is tenants’ number one pet peeve


Shortcut to Add Property and Add User

Simple amendment but useful

I was adding properties to my system today and got annoyed that there wasn’t a quick way to get to the Add Property page. I had to go to Manage Properties then click Add Property.

So, I’ve added a small link next to Manage Properties and Manager Users on the main Dashboard taking you straight to the Add Property and Add user (respectively).


Hope it helps!

See all Logs for a Staff or Contractor User

Quick Description

This is useful when you want to see how much work a User has on or you want to analyse a specific Users’ workload (old Logs, Logs recently (or not) updated and so on).

From within a Log, you can now click on the (Logs) link next to the assigned Users name (as below).


This loads a page with a table of data. A list of each Log that the User is assigned to is displayed (see below example).



Any questions? Ask!

Posidacious Reminders

What are Reminders?

Reminders are there to help you keep on top of Logs that you can’t do anything about right now but you would want to do something about at some point in the future.

For instance

Here are a couple of examples. You might have your own!

  1. You have a problem with a boiler. The plumber has told you he has ordered a new part for the boiler and that it will be in ‘next Tuesday’. You would go into the Log and set a Reminder for next Tuesday with a note saying something like “Plumber says new pump arrives”.
  2. A very useful way to use Reminders is to use the system to create Logs for Gas Safe certificates (or other periodic certification requirements such as PAT). You can set a reminder date for xx days before the certificate is due. This would therefore give you time to organise the relevant contractor.
    NOTE: Don’t forget you can set the Log Type when you create a Log from the Create Log page. See below:


How do I set and view Reminders?

At the top of the Dashboard you will now notice something similar to this:


Clicking one of the two options will display the Reminders for ‘today’ or ‘next seven days’.

Note: I’ll add more options later such as ‘next two weeks’ or ‘next four weeks’.

There is also a new link on the right hand side:


This link will show all Reminders for your agency.

Once you are in the Reminders screen, you will see something similar to:


From here you can edit Reminders, change the sort order, view all, view inactive, search Reminders and so on.

Edit a Reminder

You can edit a Reminder simply by clicking on the ‘Edit’ link on the far left. You will see a page like this one:


You can change the date the Reminder is due. You can change the reminder note and also deactivate it and change it’s importance.

Any questions, then get in touch.

All the best,


A brief description of the Posidacious system

Streamlining Tenant Communications


Posidacious is an online (or ‘Cloud’) system designed to help letting agents and portfolio landlords and property owners. It’s a subscription-based product providing a low up front cost way of optimizing the business workflow. It’s a unique product in that it leverages both tenant and contractor communications making the job of the agent or owner easier and more effective.

One paragraph explanation

Posidacious optimises not just the initial reporting of an issue, but each and every step of the process. From reporting, to assigning a trades person, to closure. Each action is recorded ensuring all communications are readily available for staff, tenants and contractors.

Download our PDF Posidacious – Benefits document for more details. If you need more information, feel free to get in touch via our Contact page.

Take care and all the best.

The Posidacious team

New Log types

More than just maintenance management

Streamlining Tenant Communications

We’ve added more Log types to the system. This means you can separate out different reasons to communicate with your tenants.  No longer is Posidacious simply about maintenance management. Now you can create Logs with the following Log types:

  • Information
  • Deposit
  • Inspection
  • Safety
  • Inventory
  • Tenancy
  • Viewing

Information Log type

You can communicate useful information to your tenants now.  Of course you could do all this anyway but now you can give each Log a specific type.  This means you can separate out maintenance or safety or other Log types so you can focus on a specific task you have in hand.  For instance, if you are organising inspections or viewings, then you can focus on those Logs by clicking on the ‘All Inspection Logs’ link or on the ‘All Viewing Logs’ link.

So some ideas for Information Logs:

  • Communicate changes to your office opening times. For instance: “Sorry, but our office is closed this coming Bank Holiday (25th) but we reopen on Tuesday!”
  • Let your tenants know useful telephone numbers (such as council or utility companies)
  • Fun stuff. How about organising competitions for a bit of fun?
  • Information relevant to the property the tenant lives in. You could tell then where to find the gas meter or water stop cock

Deposit Log type

Why not create a useful ‘Deposit’ Log a few weeks prior to a tenant leaving? This could prove a useful communications tool to help the tenant ensure they get their deposit back.

Additionally, the information contained in the Log could prove very useful if a deposit dispute arises.

Inspection Log type

Let your tenant know when you plan to carry out an inspection. You can then use the Log to feedback the results of the inspection through photos taken and your observations.

Safety Log type

Use this for organising a Gas Safety check or Portable Appliance Test. You can then upload the certificate to the Log once the job is complete.

Note: Later, we will be adding a new module called ‘Reminders’. You will be able to set a reminder for a given Log so setting a reminder for your ‘Gas Safety Certificate’ Log for one month before it is due (for instance).

Inventory Log type

Organise and then upload the inventory to the ‘Inventory’ Log.  Get your tenants to confirm receipt of the Inventory via the Log.  Maybe the tenant spots an error? They can simply reply to the Log letting you know.

Tenancy Log type

Upload the tenancy agreement to the ‘Tenancy’ Log. Any tenancy related questions can be communicated via the Tenancy Log.

Viewing Log type

Let your existing tenants know when there is a viewing planned on their property.


Don’t forget that one of the major benefits of communicating via the Posidacious system is ensuring that all staff at the agency are aware of the latest in a conversation.  If you had sent an email about a viewing for instance but the person who sent the email was off sick, it might be tricky to find out what the latest is.  Just use Posidacious!

Another finally

Tip: It’s still a good idea to keep in touch with your tenants in person or by phone but remember that having Posidacious Logs to hand can be extremely useful.


Let us know if you have ideas for more Log types or enhancements to the current system.