Ability to carry out a search of your users and properties rather than scrolling through a long list

Currently (as of 15th April 2013)

The system currently displays all users and properties when clicking on ‘Manage Users’ or ‘Manage Properties’.

Reason for proposed change

Finding a specific user is tricky searching through the list, especially if the list is long (which it is likely to be when an agency has hundreds of tenants).

Description of proposed development

The proposed development is twofold:


A search box should be provided at the top of the page (either the Manage Users page or the Manage Properties page). When the staff user starts typing in a name, the results are displayed according to what is typed.

For instance, if you were to start typing J O H N, then the system would display all users that have the letters ‘john’ in their names (either first, middle or surname).


When displaying the full list of users (or properties), the system should perhaps only show the first 500. There would be a button or link which when pressed would show a further 500 and so on.

Proposed date for completion

Posidacious bugs and fixes required (2013)

A list of bugs (software glitches) that need to be fixed

Each item listed will be given a probable date for resolution, a severity and then crossed through once complete.

Current list – 15th April 2013

  • Change required to the Adding users page. Use jquery to show or hide the Choose Property section of the page when the user being added is a tenant (show), staff and contractor (hide)  (Proposed fix date: 19th May 2013) – Important – DONE
  • In some circumstances, when a user signs in, it appears as though they are signed in but the browser remains on the sign-in.php page. Clicking the sign in button again then redirects to the dashboard (Proposed fix date: 19th May 2013) – Important – DONE
  • It appears as though the ‘Remember me’ checkbox when signing in does not work. This is especially important for mobile users due to having to type passwords in every time they login (Proposed fix date: 19th May 2013) – Important
  • The upload a photo/file is incomplete. It errors saying:
    "There has been a problem, go back and try again. No errors."

    (Proposed fix date: 29th May 2013) – Important

Future developments of Posidacious for 2013

Proposed functional developments of the Posidacious system

We first of all need to choose what developments should be put in place. In this section of the blog we’ll be listing potential future developments and their current status (i.e. definitely being developed). This list will most likely change as demands of the system changes and progresses. You can click on the category links to show all individual developments in that category.

  1. Category A (Essential and Important)
  2. Category B (Important but not essential)
  3. Category C (Good addition if we can do it but unlikely for this year)
  4. Category D (Just an idea – we are considering but most likely will not happen this year but could happen in the future)

We are currently working on this so please check back again to see this list progress.

Category A – Essential and Important

Here is a list of changes and new developments that we fully intend to implement this year (2013):

To follow (15th April 2013)…

Category B – Important but not essential

  • Ability to carry out a search of your users and properties rather than scrolling through a long list
  • An advanced search of logs to include: a) Any part of the address; b) Logs by a specific user; c) Logs within a certain date range; d) Logs with certain keywords in their title or possibly the first update (the first update most likely being the one that contains the critical information)
  • Show limited number of logs until the user clicks on a ‘show more’ link (server resources)
  • Allow logging of user sign in’s. This will allow the Posidacious team to see how much the system is being used and also the agency to monitor the usage of the system (and therefore it’s value).
  • Develop and iPhone (and iPad) app.

More to follow (15th April 2013)…

Category C – Good addition if we can do it but unlikely for this year (2013)

  • Create multiple logs for multiple properties at the same time (by staff only)
  • Develop an Android app for phones and tablets
  • Develop an app for Microsoft Windows products (such as tablets)
  • Text (SMS) messaging. The ability for the system to send text messages when there is an update to a log

More to follow (15th April 2013)…

Category D – Just an idea – we are considering but most likely will not happen this year but could happen in the future

  • How about a Facebook app that can send notifications to the notification area?

To follow (15th April 2013)…

How Posidacious uses cookies

Posidacious and Cookies

Two types of cookies

There are two types of cookies used: Session cookies and ‘normal’ cookies. Both types of cookie store a small text file on the users computer.

Session cookies

The session cookie simply stores a unique identification number. The server asks the users browser for this unique number and then presents information back to the users browser based on that unique number.

‘Nomal’ cookies

Currently we only store one text cookie on the users computer and it’s called ‘page’.  This cookie stores a URL of the last requested page.


Oftentimes a user might have a favourite stored or may have left their computer on a page for a long time. The user is then presented with a sign in page. Once the login is successful, the user is then redirected to the page they were originally on (or requested via a favourite for instance).

Any questions, feel free to contact us via the contact page.

Take care.

Update to Posidacious (multi-agent) 13th April 2013

13th April 2013 – Update

We will be carrying out an upgrade to Posidacious on Saturday 13th April 2013 Sunday 14th now. This will allow more  clients to use the system.  This is obviously an important step forward in the life of the system.

This system should only be down for the day and a maximum for the weekend.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The Posidacious Team

Multi Agent Capability

Update 26th February 2013


We are making good progress and nearing testing time! We have found many areas are affected by multi-agent capabilities. In fact almost every area and function of the site is affected by this.

What’s happening now?

We are now working on specific areas of the system which involved property management. Other areas completed include: log management and user management. Property management is the last of the areas to complete.

Expected completion

This is still expected to be sometime in the next week. Once we are finished our testing we will involve our test customers in updating the live site which may be offline for several hours. More later…

SMS options

Researching pricing and development options

We are currently looking at integrating sms (texting) options to inform users of updates to logs. Possibilities include:

  1. Send a text when a log is updated
  2. Replying to a text will update the log
  3. Users could disable this function
  4. Users could enable this function on a ‘per log’ basis

Multi-agent capability

Update – 24th February 2013


We have a client who runs two letting agents. In one we have Posidacious running nicely but the other agent now needs the system.

What’s happening now?

We are currently making Posidacious capable of running multiple letting agents. This means that staff from each agency only see properties and logs that are set up on their system.

Expected completion

We expect to complete this within the next week or so.

About this blog

Why create a blog for Posidacious Development?

We wanted a way of communicating progress and for letting you know what bugs we are aware of.  This would also give you a good idea of how we are doing and informing you of the exciting things we have planned!

Click on the home page for the latest blog posts and the category links on the right hand side for topic specific posts (such as SMS or ‘logs’).

Please note that a lot of the posts on this blog would only be relevant to staff and company owners. However, there are many exciting developments planned that we hope will make using the system easier and friendlier for tenants too! Watch out for phone and tablet apps in the not too distant future.

Thanks and best wishes from the Posidacious team.