Monthly Pricing

Posidacious is a subscription priced product. Payments can be made monthly by direct debit, or yearly upon request.

Variable rates based on size of agent

Our servers work harder when you have more users. Therefore the pricing model below reflects that.

For agencies and portfolio landlords local to Plymouth (UK)

  • £75 per month – for every 200 properties (or tenants, in the case of student properties) up to 1000 properties (or tenants)
  • Ask us if you have a larger portfolio

For agencies or portfolio landlords further afield

Please get in touch.

Setup, Training & Support

Initial configuration of the system is free, however the items below are chargeable.

  1. Adding your properties and tenants into your Posidacious system can take time. If you would prefer us to input the initial data for you, then we can do so. Costs vary dependent on the amount of data of course, however you can base your estimates on £100 for every 200 properties and 200 tenants
  2. Training to use the system is usually best done in small groups of 2 or 3. One half day training costs £150
  3. Support via email is totally free. We normally respond within one working day. If you require a visit to help you resolve issues then the cost per hour is £40 (plus expenses for out of Plymouth clients)


  1. If your agency has multiple sites (for instance each office dealing with a specific location) then each site is priced individually.
  2. If your agency is a large one with 1000 properties (or tenants) then please speak to us about favourable rates
  3. If you run a large corporate with a lot of sites, again please contact us for favourable rates

Contact us

Feel free to email us via the contact page at any time.