How Posidacious Works

How it works

The concept

Posidacious was designed to enable cost-effective online management of property maintenance. The system helps letting agents and landlords be more efficient and professional.

How does it do that?

Gone are notepads on your staff members’ desks. Gone are the laborious and frustrating searching through large email inboxes for that crucial email. Additionally and probably by far, the most valuable asset of the system is the ability for any member of staff to look at the status of an issue whether your main Maintenance Manager is on holiday or not! In fact, if you are away, you can still check in on the latest updates simply by visiting this website!

It looks complicated

Once you get to know the system, it’s really quite simple. However, we offer two half-day training and setup sessions to make sure you and your staff are up to speed and getting good value from the system. If you feel you need additional sessions, then no problem, we can arrange that too.

Some sample screenshots

Our sample screenshots page will, we hope, will give you an idea of how the system could work for you.

Ongoing support

We have a support team who can help you overcome any questions or problem you come across. From trainers to dedicated support staff and from web developers to the owner of the company. All are there and available to help you get the most from Posidacious.