New Posidacious Website

New front pages to our website

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We at Posidacious have been working hard recently to present a new front end website. It’s now live at

Our business is growing in several areas and if we’re honest, the ‘old’ front end site didn’t really present what we do very well.

The main areas of our business that are covered on the new site are:

The System

This is, of course, the online maintenance management and communication system some of you are already familiar with. The new site goes into more depth about what the system does and how it can help letting agents, landlords and property managers deal with everyday maintenance issues on the houses they manage.

Maintenance & Projects

We now have a Maintenance & Projects division. All is explained on the new site too, however, in brief, we can now carry out preventative and reactive maintenance of all kinds. From small jobs such as repairing a gate or painting a room to larger projects such as roofing maintenance on a block of flats!

Web Design, Programming & I.T

We have introduced a new member of the team who is an I.T. and Web Design specialist. As well as Jonathan, we can now design and build websites of most types to suit most small to medium businesses. Check out the information presented on the new site.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Feel free to get in touch!

Like to know more? Follow the link on the new site to the Contact page and complete the form.

Many thanks from the Posidacious Team