Ability to carry out a search of your users and properties rather than scrolling through a long list

Currently (as of 15th April 2013)

The system currently displays all users and properties when clicking on ‘Manage Users’ or ‘Manage Properties’.

Reason for proposed change

Finding a specific user is tricky searching through the list, especially if the list is long (which it is likely to be when an agency has hundreds of tenants).

Description of proposedĀ development

The proposed development is twofold:


A search box should be provided at the top of the page (either the Manage Users page or the Manage Properties page). When the staff user starts typing in a name, the results are displayed according to what is typed.

For instance, if you were to start typing J O H N, then the system would display all users that have the letters ‘john’ in their names (either first, middle or surname).


When displaying the full list of users (or properties), the system should perhaps only show the first 500. There would be a button or link which when pressed would show a further 500 and so on.

Proposed date for completion