Are you a PHP and/or iOSApp Developer?

PHP and/or iOS App Development

We are looking to expand our technical team to develop the Posidacious System. A good level of skill and knowledge will be required to move this project on.

We anticipate the project being a 3-6 month one. We could be wrong!

Two areas of development may be required:

a) PHP Development


We envisage two areas of PHP development.

1. The server-side scripting of the website needs to be brought up to our planned functionality level.  Version 1 of the system has now been live for a while and we need to progress to version 2 to allow for the expected business growth. Additional: Because this system will be “reading and writing” to a MySQL database, skills in SQL will be required.

This would naturally require front-end skills in HTML, CSS and so on.

2. An API needs to be developed to allow for third party applications to make use of the system. Initially, this will be smartphone apps. In the first instance, for iOS. This could be programmed in PHP or in another suitable (agreed) language.

b) iOS App Development


We are looking for someone who can develop our iOS apps. Initially for iPhone, then iPad. Much of the iOS development would reply on the API of course.

Who would suit this project?

We are open to ideas at the moment. Possible options are:

1. A student who has progressed to a good level of expertise. Perhaps someone looking for a project in which to expand their skills and experience.

2. A self-employed developer who is very interested in expanding his or her portfolio and who may want to contribute and become part of a growing company.

3. A company who will work with us to quote a price for the whole system and subsequent support.

The applicant should most likely live or work in Plymouth (UK).


It’s possible that other ‘real’ work on customer websites will be available. The work on these would be negotiated at standard rates.

About Posidacious

You can find out more by browsing this blog. However, in brief, Posidacious is a system that enables letting agents, property managers and landlords communicate with tenants and contractors to record and log activities relating to maintenance issues.


If you are interested in finding out more, then please email Jonathan on