Enhanced Property/Landlord/Tenant management

Manage users & properties – enhancements

We’re planning to add functionality to the Manage users and Manage properties sections. Two main enhancements will be apparent. The first will be the ability to select a landlord from a list which along with the landlord details will show all the properties that he/she/it owns.  From there you will be able to click each property to edit it.

In addition, it will be possible to set up landlords as users on the system.  Their access will be disabled by default but can be enabled later. One reason to have landlords on the system is to make it easier when adding properties to choose the landlord. So rather than typing in the landlord name each time we add a property, it will be possible to choose from a list.  This has the added benefit of keeping continuity of spelling and upper/lower case naming conventions.

The second enhancement will be to show all tenants at a property when editing a property.  From here you can correct errors with tenancy dates and so on.

We are classifying these enhancements as important but not essential.  In other words they are not essential to the running of the system but are important for the continued improvement and progress of the system.  Projected completion of this will be June 2013.