New Log types

More than just maintenance management

Streamlining Tenant Communications

We’ve added more Log types to the system. This means you can separate out different reasons to communicate with your tenants.  No longer is Posidacious simply about maintenance management. Now you can create Logs with the following Log types:

  • Information
  • Deposit
  • Inspection
  • Safety
  • Inventory
  • Tenancy
  • Viewing

Information Log type

You can communicate useful information to your tenants now.  Of course you could do all this anyway but now you can give each Log a specific type.  This means you can separate out maintenance or safety or other Log types so you can focus on a specific task you have in hand.  For instance, if you are organising inspections or viewings, then you can focus on those Logs by clicking on the ‘All Inspection Logs’ link or on the ‘All Viewing Logs’ link.

So some ideas for Information Logs:

  • Communicate changes to your office opening times. For instance: “Sorry, but our office is closed this coming Bank Holiday (25th) but we reopen on Tuesday!”
  • Let your tenants know useful telephone numbers (such as council or utility companies)
  • Fun stuff. How about organising competitions for a bit of fun?
  • Information relevant to the property the tenant lives in. You could tell then where to find the gas meter or water stop cock

Deposit Log type

Why not create a useful ‘Deposit’ Log a few weeks prior to a tenant leaving? This could prove a useful communications tool to help the tenant ensure they get their deposit back.

Additionally, the information contained in the Log could prove very useful if a deposit dispute arises.

Inspection Log type

Let your tenant know when you plan to carry out an inspection. You can then use the Log to feedback the results of the inspection through photos taken and your observations.

Safety Log type

Use this for organising a Gas Safety check or Portable Appliance Test. You can then upload the certificate to the Log once the job is complete.

Note: Later, we will be adding a new module called ‘Reminders’. You will be able to set a reminder for a given Log so setting a reminder for your ‘Gas Safety Certificate’ Log for one month before it is due (for instance).

Inventory Log type

Organise and then upload the inventory to the ‘Inventory’ Log.  Get your tenants to confirm receipt of the Inventory via the Log.  Maybe the tenant spots an error? They can simply reply to the Log letting you know.

Tenancy Log type

Upload the tenancy agreement to the ‘Tenancy’ Log. Any tenancy related questions can be communicated via the Tenancy Log.

Viewing Log type

Let your existing tenants know when there is a viewing planned on their property.


Don’t forget that one of the major benefits of communicating via the Posidacious system is ensuring that all staff at the agency are aware of the latest in a conversation.  If you had sent an email about a viewing for instance but the person who sent the email was off sick, it might be tricky to find out what the latest is.  Just use Posidacious!

Another finally

Tip: It’s still a good idea to keep in touch with your tenants in person or by phone but remember that having Posidacious Logs to hand can be extremely useful.


Let us know if you have ideas for more Log types or enhancements to the current system.