Posidacious bugs and fixes required (2013)

A list of bugs (software glitches) that need to be fixed

Each item listed will be given a probable date for resolution, a severity and then crossed through once complete.

Current list – 15th April 2013

  • Change required to the Adding users page. Use jquery to show or hide the Choose Property section of the page when the user being added is a tenant (show), staff and contractor (hide)  (Proposed fix date: 19th May 2013) – Important – DONE
  • In some circumstances, when a user signs in, it appears as though they are signed in but the browser remains on the sign-in.php page. Clicking the sign in button again then redirects to the dashboard (Proposed fix date: 19th May 2013) – Important – DONE
  • It appears as though the ‘Remember me’ checkbox when signing in does not work. This is especially important for mobile users due to having to type passwords in every time they login (Proposed fix date: 19th May 2013) – Important
  • The upload a photo/file is incomplete. It errors saying:
    "There has been a problem, go back and try again. No errors."

    (Proposed fix date: 29th May 2013) – Important