Posidacious minor enhancements (2013)

A list of minor enhancements (not really bugs, hence this separate post)

As we use the system more and more, we will find that minor enhancements can help us use the system more effectively. This is a list of items that we will attend to as soon as possible aside from the major enhancements.

Current list 18th April 2013

  • Add/Edit Properties requires three additional fields: One for addresses that have an additional ‘streetlike’ part such as 8 Azure West, 1 Grand Parade, Plymouth (The bold is in effect another field); And: County! And: Country! (Date: 31st May 2013 or next planned downtime) – Important but not essential
  • Require the additional column on the Manage Properties page. The column being Flat location/number (Date: 15th May 2013) COMPLETE
  • Additional information to be shown on the Manage Properties page (that of: Summary and Full Description) – Important but not essential (Date: 15th May 2013)
  • Add reports to show logs where the last update was by a tenant not essential (Date: 15th May 2013) – DONE
  • Add a checkbox on the Add/Edit properties page which will enable the property to show on thisislets.co.uk (the rental site) – Important and becoming more essential (Date: 31st May 2013)
  • When adding a user, add the option for ‘Landlord’. This will have many benefits in the future but one benefit now would be to generate a dropdown list when adding a property. The landlord name can be selected from the list rather than re-typing every time – Important but not essential (Date: 31st May 2013)
  • When adding a tenant user, if a property is not chosen, the user then doesn’t show up in the user list. Need to do some Ajax so that if tenant is selected, the choose property is then selected. Also some error catching code to stop the new user being added but return the staff user back to the form. Perhaps highlighting the problem to correct