Start making better use of your time

One of the benefits of using Posidacious

Just one of the benefits of using the Posidacious system is deciding to make better use of the time within your lettings business.

Before we get to how? First let’s describe the problem.

Take a typical example of following the ‘natural’ course of a maintenance issue in a property you manage. How does the tenant report a problem to you? I’m betting either by email or phone, or perhaps in person at the office.

Each one of these requires an amount of time by your staff to listen to the tenant. Perhaps it’s longer when they come into your office because there are certain proprieties to consider. Such as the hello’s, how are you’s, the nods of the head while listening to the problem being described and so on. You get the idea? So how much time does this take? 5 minutes? 10? 20 even? Who knows?

Next step (if you haven’t done it already) is to write up the problem. Perhaps you have some software that does that for you or perhaps you will simply email the landlord or write it down on a notepad?  It doesn’t matter which way it happens. It all amounts to you (or your staff) spending time on the issue. This stage, maybe another 5 minutes or more.

Now you need to contact the landlord, or perhaps you can go straight to the contractor? You pick up the phone (or start a new email).  If you phoned the landlord, maybe you didn’t get hold of them straight away. There’s some wasted time.  So you left a message on the landlords voicemail. He will get back to you, won’t he? You now need to remember to call him/her back if you don’t get a response. More wasted time.

So you now have your answer from the landlord. Now to contact the contractor. Again, maybe you don’t get hold of them straight away? You keep trying because it’s important. More wasted time. You ask them to contact the tenant to let them know when they will be around to fix the issue. All good.

A day or so later the tenant contacts you again asking what’s happening? You mentally say to yourself “I asked the contractor to ring them! Arrgh!”. Now you have to chase again! Yet more wasted time and we’ve only just started on this one issue!

Ok, this is getting boring to read. It must be really boring to do!


Posidacious leverages the communications between you, the tenant and the contractor. It does this by first of all getting the tenant to sign in to Posidacious and report the problem. You didn’t need to waste time on the initial communication. Just read the problem and take appropriate action.

You assign the contractor to the job straight from Posidacious where he can see what the problem is and reply back to the tenant! All you’ve done so far is click a couple of buttons!

Granted, you may have had to call the landlord still but can you see how much time you have already saved? And we have only just started!

Per month?

Imagine multiplying the time saved by the number of problems and the number of properties you manage.  Now multiple the time saved by the number of times you need to be involved in resolving the issue.

Honestly, the time saved is huge.

I’ve rattled on long enough. Have a think about it and how your business could benefit. Then visit the Posidacious website, go to the bottom of the page, enter your email address and send. We’ll be in touch with more information.

Take care and all the best!

Jonathan (Posidacious)