Tenants’ number one gripe


I came across this article on the Choices Today website which aptly points out (albeit obliquely) how useful a tool Posidacious can be for letting agents.

You can read it yourself by following the link below. In a nutshell, it describes the number one peeve of tenants in rented accommodation:

“Things not getting fixed quickly enough”

Endsleigh Insurance carried out a large survey which found that “things not getting fixed quickly enough” closely followed by “not being easily contactable or responsive” were the top two gripes tenants had with letting agents.

Posidacious addresses both these issues. How?

By allowing the agent to better manage maintenance issues and at the same time keeping the tenant informed at all stages of the process. All done automatically via the Posidacious system.

Firstly, Posidacious allows tenants to report maintenance via the system by way of something we call a Log, the agent then updates the Log with actions they are taking. The tenant can see these updates including actions such as ‘Assigning a contractor’.

Posidacious is a back end system designed to help the agent react quickly, keeping the tenant informed at all stages and helping the agent conform to strict legislation along the way.

Choices Today article – ‘Landlords not fixing things quickly enough’ is tenants’ number one pet peeve