Upload Photos – Now Contractors Can Too

Letting Agent? Now things got easier!

So you probably know that as ‘staff’ you can upload photos to a specific Log. Yeah that’s great, but what about tenants and your contractors?

Tenants & Contractors can now upload photos

Yesterday we added the ability for your tenants to upload photos to a Log. Today, your contractors can too!

This is really helpful since you can get accurate information from a picture rather than a written attempt to get across what is wrong.

Encourage your tenants and contractors to use this feature. Honestly, it will save you a lot of time and stress through:

  1. Sending the wrong person to do a job
  2. It might save you a visit to the property to ascertain exactly what is wrong or later on to check the job was done
  3. You have more (accurate) information to analyse a given issue
  4. Photos provide an instant ‘snapshot’ of the status of an issue

More on why photos can provide a snapshot of a given issue

Pre-fix of the issue the photo can show you exactly how bad a problem is and also specify what the issue is. For instance, perhaps a tenant reports a ‘serious’ damp problem. You ask them to send a photo and they provide the following:

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 09.48.05

Based on the above picture added to the Log, you can now make a decision without having to visit the property or send a tradesperson to look. All this costs time and money. The tenant really wants the problem sorted which is fair enough but having a photo like this means you can address the issue quickly and appropriately before the situation escalates.

Additionally, and this is quite important, the photo is always there in the Log! No more searching through your emails or smartphone for the photo. It’s there in the Log!

And because Log updates are recorded chronologically, you have at your disposal information to enable you to provide a better service to your tenants.

A really important reason for contractors to upload photos would be to show you that the work has been done. Perhaps you send someone out to deal with the condensation appearing. They can upload a photo of the area after the work is done, like this:

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 09.51.50

No more ‘wondering’ if the job has really been done or not or whether it has been done well enough. The evidence is in the photo the contractor uploads.

When you close that Log, you can be confident that the job is done and that if the tenant makes a complaint, you have the evidence at your finger tips to show that the job was sorted.

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