Version 2 of Posidacious

Thoughts and considerations

Expanding the system to do more, much more

We are planning to grow the system to be able to help in more and more areas of running a property portfolio.  Currently Posidacious is great for communicating with tenants about maintenance issues. It can (and should) also be used to communicate on other areas of the business such as ‘Tenants giving notice’, or ‘Announcing property visits’.

However, there are many other parts of the business where a system like this that has the ability to provide information from anywhere to anyone (well almost anyone). For instance, what if you are at a property carrying out a property inspection? Wouldn’t it be great to update a Log or even create a new Log for the inspection? Perhaps using your iPad/iPhone, Android phone or similar device?

Here are some ideas we are working on right now:

  • Signing out and signing in Keys
  • Record meter readings
  • Track rental payments (with your tenants)
  • Upload a safety (or other) certificate
  • Set a reminder for yourself (maybe about a particular Log)
  • Contractors able to create Invoices in an ‘Invoice Log’
  • Export your data to CSV files
  • Inform users not on the system (by email) about a Log
  • And much more….

Accommodating viewing Posidacious on different devices

  • 20% of users of the Posidacious system use the site on an iOS device (i.e. iPhone’s and iPad’s)
  • 70% on desktop systems
  • 10% on other (even the Kindle Fire browser) systems

This leads us to think that the requirement for an ‘App’ for iOS is becoming more and more paramount. The beauty of using an app on your phone or tablet would be that it informs you by way of notifications or on the badge icon itself of updates to Logs and providing quick access to Logs for updating and so on.

Note: If you or someone you know has developed iOS apps before, please get in touch 🙂